Who was killed at Camp Chapman?

Who was killed at Camp Chapman?

Arghawan, 30, the base’s Afghan external security chief, had picked up al-Balawi at the Pakistan border and drove him to Camp Chapman. He was also killed in the attack….Fatalities, not including the suicide bomber.

Name Affiliation and position Age
Arghawan Afghan external security chief 30

How many people died at Camp Chapman?

10including the attacker
Camp Chapman attack/Total number of deaths

Where was Camp Chapman?

Camp Chapman attack/Location
Forward Operating Base Chapman, also known as Camp Chapman, was a United States Armed Forces Forward Operating Base located at the site of a former Afghan Army installation and was situated in Khost province, Afghanistan, on an airstrip 2 miles east of Khost.

Who was Elizabeth Hanson?

When Elizabeth C. Hanson ’02 died in December 2009, along with six other CIA operatives killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, little was publicly known about what the young woman did and why the agency had dispatched her to Afghanistan.

Where was the Camp Chapman attack in Afghanistan?

The Camp Chapman attack was a suicide attack by Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi against the Central Intelligence Agency facility inside Forward Operating Base Chapman on December 30, 2009. FOB Chapman is located near the eastern Afghanistan city of Khost, which is about 10 miles northwest of the border with Pakistan.

Where did John Chapman serve in the Air Force?

Following Combat Control School, Sergeant Chapman served with the 1721st Combat Control Squadron at Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina, where he met his wife, Valerie, in 1992. They had two daughters, who were the center of Sergeant Chapman’s world even when he was away from home – which was common in the combat control career field.

Who was responsible for the Camp Chapman bombing?

The bombing was the most lethal attack against the CIA in more than 25 years. Al-Balawi was a Jordanian doctor and jihadist website writer who was detained and interrogated over three days by the Jordanian intelligence service, the General Intelligence Directorate (GID).

Who was the doctor in the Camp Chapman attack?

Al-Balawi, 32, was a Jordanian doctor who worked at a clinic for Palestinian refugee women and children in the Marka refugee camp near Amman, Jordan. He was an al-Qaeda sympathizer from the town of Zarqa, the home town of Jordanian militant Islamist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.