Who ran for the Peace and Freedom Party?

Who ran for the Peace and Freedom Party?

Presidential tickets

Year Presidential nominee Home state
2008 Ralph Nader (campaign) California
2012 Roseanne Barr California
2016 Gloria La Riva Minnesota
2020 Gloria La Riva District of Columbia

Who is Gloria La Riva’s running mate?

She received the Party of Socialism and Liberation nomination for the 2020 presidential election, with Leonard Peltier as her running mate.

Who are the candidates for the peace and Freedom Party?

The party’s presidential candidates were Leonard Peltier in 2004, Ralph Nader in 2008, Roseanne Barr in 2012 and Gloria La Riva in 2016 . According to its website, the party “is committed to feminism, socialism, democracy, ecology, and racial equality”, advocating “to build a mass-based socialist party throughout the country”.

Who are the independent candidates for president in 2016?

The American Delta Party is an organization specifically created to support De La Fuente’s independent candidacy. The Reform Party recognized the following other candidates as seeking its presidential nomination The vote totals nominating De La Fuente were never released. 2016 Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate.

How many votes did peace and Freedom Party get?

In California and Utah, where no presidential nominee appeared on the ballot, the voters cast 27,887 votes for the party presidential race where the vice presidential were on the ballot. The full nationwide vote for presidential electors was 111,607. Party candidates for the Senate received a national total of 105,411 votes.

Is there a peace and Freedom Party in California?

The Peace and Freedom Party ( PFP) is a left-wing political party with affiliates and former members in more than a dozen American states, including California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana and Utah, but none now have ballot status besides California. Peace and Freedom’s first candidates appeared on the ballot in 1966 in New York.