Who makes Columbia ParCar?

Who makes Columbia ParCar?

the Nordic Group
To bring clarity to their electric vehicle transportation business, the Nordic Group has announced that the company formerly known as Columbia ParCar Corp. has recently changed its name to Columbia Vehicle Group, Inc., and will now be responsible for the design, manufacture and distribution of both the Columbia and …

Where are ParCar golf carts made?

The 20,000-square-foot facility will accept golf cart components manufactured at ParCar’s Wisconsin and Asian plants and produce finished carts that can be shipped worldwide for retail sale.

Who makes a par Car golf cart?

Columbia ParCar Corp.
About Columbia ParCar Corp. Columbia produces electric vehicles for private use as well as commercial and industrial applications that include models that move from 1 to 24 people, carry up to 6,000 pounds of payload, tow up to 16,000 pounds and travel up to 25 miles per hour.

How do I find out what year my par Car golf cart is?

First you need to locate the serial number on your cart. This can be found above the rear wheel, under the body or under the dash on the passenger side. The year is coded in the serial number. The last number is the year in the decade.

Where to buy Columbia Par golf cart parts?

Shop for Columbia Par Car golf cart parts and accessories and receive free shipping on all orders. LESTER

What kind of parts are in a Yamaha golf cart?

Club Car – Royal Ride Accessories Battery Cables, Accs. & Chargers Bearings & Seals Belts Body, Trim & Seats Brakes Brushes & Springs Clutch & Transmission Electrical & Starter/Generator Engine & Exhaust Fuel Hardware Ignition Instruments Lighting Manuals & Publications Motors & Parts (electric) Rear Axles & Differential Solenoids Speed Control

Where can I find the ParCar parts Manual?

(800) 222-4653 • Web: INDEX SECTION 1 Accelerator and Brake Linkage Pedal Accelerator Device Linkage 1-1 Brake Linkage 1-2 Brake Linkage W/Tapeswitch 1-5 SECTION 2 Steering and Front Suspension

What are the parts of a Harley Davidson golf cart?

Switches, Relays & Circuit Breakers Switches & Cables (F&R) Wheels & Tires Harley Davidson – Columbia Par Car Accessories Battery Cables, Accs. & Chargers Bearings & Seals