Who is the oldest in Drake and Josh?

Who is the oldest in Drake and Josh?

Josh’s favorite drink is milk. His full name is Joshua Michael Nichols. He is one year older than Drake Parker and Craig Ramirez.

Who plays the little girl in Drake and Josh Christmas?

Bailee Madison
Movie Info To avoid trouble with the law, two brothers (Drake Bell, Josh Peck) promise to provide the best Christmas possible for a girl (Bailee Madison) and her family.

What language does Zigfee speak?

Zigfee is a character who only appeared in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. He is from an unknown country and is fluent in the country’s unknown language until he speaks English at the end.

Who was bulge in Drake and Josh?

Kimbo Slice

Friends: Josh Nichols Helen Dubois (friendly with) Drake Parker (friendly with)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Kimbo Slice

Who are the characters in Merry Christmas Drake and Josh?

Josh Peck, Drake Bell, Miranda Cosgrove, Nancy Sullivan and Jonathan Goldstein reprise their roles as Drake Parker, Josh Nichols, Megan Parker, Audrey Parker, and Walter Nichols respectively; several recurring characters from the TV series also reappeared. The film starts off with Walter and Audrey as they leave for a tropical vacation.

Who are the actors in Drake and Josh?

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh is the second television movie of Drake & Josh, which aired on December 5, 2008. The film starts off with Walter (Jonathan Goldstein) and Audrey (Nancy Sullivan) leaving for a tropical vacation. Drake (Drake Bell) and Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) come home and Josh (Josh Peck) shows them his snowman air balloon decoration.

How did Drake and Josh ruin their Christmas?

Drake and Josh realize since Christmas was ruined for him, he wants to ruin it for everyone else. The duo sends Officer Gilbert a sweet baby chimpanzee as a Christmas present, completely changing him in personality. They try to use Crazy Steve’s wood chipper, Sally, to make it snow in front of Mary Alice’s house.

What’s the name of the wood chipper in Drake and Josh?

Next they’re at Drake’s Christmas party on the roof of the Premiere at the party, Mindy has to leave to go and visit her grandparent’s leaving Josh upset. Crazy Steve shows up in front of Drake and Josh, and shows them a wood chipper called Sally on his cell phone.