Who is RMPL Pharma LLP and what does it do?

Who is RMPL Pharma LLP and what does it do?

RMPL PHARMA LLP. is a part of ROYAL group of companies whose inception dates back to 1944. RMPL PHARMA LLP. is reputed and leading merchant exporters in india of an extensive range of pharmaceuticals ( mainly Oncology and other specialized products ) to African, Gulf, European, & South East Asian countries.

How much money is locked up in Dharma Protocol?

To conclude, Dharma protocol is an open financial protocol that aims to democratize access to lending products through its decentralized lending platform. According to DeFi Pulse, an analytics platform for decentralized finance applications, a total of $13 million dollars have been locked up in the protocol.

How does MPRLP help the poor in Madhya Pradesh?

MPRLP takes a bottom-up approach, facilitating, inspiring and guiding community-driven collective and individual action to reduce poverty through Gram Sabha (village assemblies). MPRLP improves the lives of the poor and vulnerable by routing funds through Gram Sabha to activities that communities have identified as important.

Where are the research stations of the DHARMA Initiative?

The Dharma Initiative placed nine known research stations around the Island (as well as the off-island Lamp Post), most of which take the form of hidden underground facilities or bunkers. After Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island in September 2004, the survivors encounter several of these stations.

How does RMPL maintain its base price target?

RMPL reaches a supply-price equilibrium with its randomized rebasing. As a result, the volatility is in the token supply, not the price. RMPL is designed to maintain its base price target of $1 USD with a CPI inflation adjustment. Holders of the coin own a percentage of the network.

Is there a right to use with RMPL?

All licences granted and issued by RMPL are conditional, non-exclusive and for limited period and purpose. There is no transfer of effective title, control, custody or possession or ‘right to use’ of copyrights, which vests solely with the owner. RMPL functions as a “single window” to users.

How does the randomized supply model in RMPL work?

Randomized elastic supply. RMPL is a DeFi protocol with an elastic supply model. This means that the total supply of RMPL is constantly changing via a Rebase, the exact date and time of the Rebase is random to prevent price manipulation and exploitation by bots. RMPL reaches a supply-price equilibrium with its randomized rebasing.