Who is president of comancheros?

Who is president of comancheros?

Duax Ngakuru
Hawi pleaded guilty to manslaughter and in March 2015 he was sentenced to a minimum of 3.5 years jail. In February 2018 Hawi was shot dead, at age 37, whilst sitting in his car outside a gym in Rockdale, NSW. In late 2009 Duax Ngakuru was elected as national president.

Where is Jay malkoun?

Jay Malkoun served 16 years in prison after being convicted of heroin trafficking in the late 1980s. In 2013 he resigned as Victoria’s Comancheros president and fled Australia, initially for Thailand, then later Dubai, and in 2017 he relocated his young family to Athens.

Are the Finks MC still around?

The Finks is an Australian outlaw motorcycle club that was formed in Adelaide, Australia, in 1969 and now also has chapters in other states….Finks Motorcycle Club.

Founded 1969
Region Australia Wide

Who is the commander of the Victorian Comanchero?

Hasan Topal is now commander of the Victorian Comanchero following the arrest of national president Mick Murray.

Who was the leader of the Comanchero gang?

The promotion of Mick Murray in July to Victorian president of the Comancheros marked a sharp change in direction for the gang, which had previously refused to become embroiled in a long-running Sydney-based feud between the two gangs, which were involved in an infamous fatal brawl at Sydney Airport in 2009.

Where is the Comanchero Motorcycle Club in Australia?

The Comanchero Motorcycle Club is an outlaw motorcycle gang in Australia, with chapters in Strathfield. The Comancheros are participants in the United Motorcycle Council of NSW, which convened a conference in 2009 to address legislation aimed against the “bikie” clubs, their poor public image in the wake…

Who is president of Comancheros in New Zealand?

The president of the Comancheros and another member have pleaded guilty to part of their alleged involvement in a large scale money laundering and drug operation. Pasilika Naufahu and Connor Michael Tamati Clausen appeared at the High Court at Auckland on Friday in front of Justice Graham Lang.