Which rapper has the best punchlines?

Which rapper has the best punchlines?

20 Great Hip-Hop One-Liners

  • Lil Wayne. In 2011, Lil Wayne, the self-proclaimed greatest rapper alive, had just confounded expectations with his rock album Rebirth, leading everyone to wonder what he’d do next.
  • Jay Z.
  • Kanye West.
  • Notorious B.I.G.
  • Big L.
  • Eminem.
  • Sean Price.
  • Drake.

What are some quotes from rappers?

Here are some of the best rapper quotes ever.

  • “Cause whatever you love can be taken away, so live like it’s your dying day.”
  • “I’ve done a lot of work to get where I’m at, but I have to keep working.”
  • “People can try to reinvent themselves.
  • “Forget yesterday, live for today.
  • “Living life is a choice.

Which is the best quote by a rapper?

Rappers Quotes – BrainyQuote I just save my money, man. I don’t even try to enjoy it like these other rappers; they having fun and they lit, but they gon’ be broke later on. I be savin’, I be chillin’.

Who are the top 10 Greatest Rappers of all time?

The 10 Best Rappers of All Time 1. Notorious B.I.G. 2. Jay Z 3. Eminem 4. Rakim 5. Nas 6. Andre 3000 7. Lauryn Hill 8. Ghostface Killah 9. Kendrick Lamar 10. Lil Wayne

Do you respect rappers in the United States?

They respect rappers in the U.S., but in England, it’s the Queen’s country. She’ll forever be putting out the message on these BBC networks that there’s no hood: it’s tea and red phoneboxes. Skepta You can’t speak for the people unless you’re able to walk amongst the people.

Can a rapper talk about anything besides money?

Rappers can talk about money; refugees can’t talk about money. M.I.A. All the other rappers around me aren’t saying anything worthwhile. They’re lost in rap: all they do is tell you they’re a sick MC and they’re better than you. I don’t want to look like all these other little punk, dress-up, fake, manufactured artists.