Which cities have predictive policing?

Which cities have predictive policing?

Other cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago and New Orleans, have rolled back their use of predictive policing, but no other city has gone as far as Santa Cruz and explicitly banned it, said Cagle, who is based in Northern California.

Is predictive policing legal?

In June 2020, Santa Cruz, California became the first city in the United States to ban municipal use of predictive policing, a method of deploying law enforcement resources according to data-driven analytics that supposedly are able to predict perpetrators, victims, or locations of future crimes.

What states use predictive policing?

Today, predictive policing programs are currently used by the police departments in several U.S. states such as California, Washington, South Carolina, Arizona, Tennessee, New York and Illinois.

Is predictive policing a good thing?

The goal of predictive policing is to reduce crime. However, the backlash against this technology has been robust, and there’s a lack of evidence that prediction technology effectively reduces crime. In central Florida, one police department that used predictive technology found itself in hot water.

Is it dangerous for police to use predictive policing?

“As Santa Cruz rightly recognized, predictive policing and facial recognition are dangerous, racially biased technologies that should never be used by our government,” said Matt Cagle, a lawyer with the ACLU.

Which is the first US city to ban predictive policing?

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – As officials mull steps to tackle police brutality and racism, California’s Santa Cruz has become the first U.S. city to ban predictive policing, which digital rights experts said could spark similar moves across the country.

Who was the company that invented predictive policing?

PredPol Inc, the Santa Cruz-headquartered firm that pioneered the technology, said that it supported the city resolution’s requirement that predictive policing “will not perpetuate bias”, among other criteria.

Who is the mayor of Santa Cruz CA?

“Understanding how predictive policing and facial recognition can be disportionately biased against people of color, we officially banned the use of these technologies in the city of Santa Cruz,” Mayor Justin Cummings said on Wednesday.