Where is the location of Balut Island?

Where is the location of Balut Island?

Mindanao Island
Balut volcano, also known as Sanguil, occupies a small island in the Sarangani Island group south of the Batulaki Peninsula forming the southern tip of Mindanao Island. Hot springs and thermally altered ground are located on the west and SW flanks of the 862-m-high volcano, which rises about 1800 m above the sea floor.

Why is it called Balut Island?

Balut Island, so named because of its egg-shaped form, is part of the Paril-Sangay Marine Protected Area. With turquoise waters fronting Balut Island’s stretches of white sand beachfront, swimming and sunbathing are all the more fun as big waves dash towards the coastlines.

How big is Balut Island?

about 13 km
The island of Balut is located about 13 km (8.1 mi) from mainland Mindanao, separated by the Sarangani Strait. Balut, Sarangani and Olanivan Islands make up the island group known as the Sarangani Islands….

Balut Island
Elevation 862 m (2,828 ft)
Listing List of potentially active volcanoes in the Philippines

Where is Sarangani Island?

The municipality consists of 2 major islands (the eponymous Sarangani Island and Balut Island) and 1 minor islet (Olanivan Island), collectively called as the Sarangani Islands, located just south of Mindanao island in the Celebes Sea. It is the municipality of the Philippines bordering Indonesia.

Where is Balut Island in the Philippines located?

Balut Island, also known as Malulong, is a potentially active volcanic island south of the tip of Davao Occidental province in the Mindanao region, Southern Philippines. Located in the center of the island is the Balut Volcano , a fumarolic volcano with no historical eruptions.

Where is Mabila port on Balut Island located?

The area surrounding Mabila Port in Balut Island is the town proper or poblacion of Sarangani Islands. It is part of the Municipality of Sarangani in Davao Occidental Province. It gets confusing because there is also the similarly named Sarangani Province found in mainland Mindanao.

How much does it cost to visit Balut Island?

1PM — Start Balut inland tour by habal-habal — P600 round-trip per motorcycle. 2PM — Sabang Hot Spring sightseeing. 11PM — Balut Island to General Santos ferry — P600 per person. This trip is part of Marcos’ 12 Days Southcentral Mindanao Highlands & Islands & 2016 Detours travel series.

Which is the island between balut and Sarangani?

Sarangani Island (singular) is a separate island located beside Balut Island. 7AM — Start Sarangani Islands boat tour — P1,900 per boat (including next day return journey, back to Mabila). 8 :30AM — Olanivan Island sightseeing.