Where can I fly my drone in Rome?

Where can I fly my drone in Rome?

Your drone must remain closer than 200 meters (650 feet) away from you, and max 70 meters (230 feet) high. WHERE CAN I FLY? You can fly daytime in any place where there is no people around, far away from houses, roads, railroads and so on. You must keep safe distance from people and buildings.

Can you fly a drone over the Colosseum?

Crucially for the law-breaking tourist, drones cannot be flown over populated areas without permission — and that includes the Colosseum. “Tourists are often caught flying drones,” a spokesman for the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, Enac, told European news agency The Local.

Can you use a drone in Venice?

Therefore, yes, you can fly drones in Venice Italy, only if you have legal authorization. Venice is “Urban Zone” and declared as ATZ (Aerodrome Traffic Zone). Unless you are wearing a high visibility jacket, you have a flying-drone license, and that special authorization, it is illegal to fly drones.

Can Americans fly drones in Italy?

Italian authorities allow pilots to fly drones but only in compliance with Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) regulations.

What are the rules for flying a drone in Italy?

Overview of drone rules for Italy. If you want to fly in Italy with a drone, the following conditions have to be fulfilled. Maximum flight altitude: In Italy, the maximum flight altitude for private drone operations is 70 meters, and commercial copter flights are 150 meters.

Is it legal to fly a drone at night?

Time of operations: Drones flights are permitted only in daylight. Approvals for night flights can be requested. Regulations for commercial pilots: The requirements for commercial copter pilots differ according to the type of flight maneuvers envisaged.

How much does it cost to buy a drone in Italy?

For simple flight maneuvers, the code costs 6 euros per drone. You first have to buy “D-coins” at the D-Flight market place. They are worth one euro each. You can then redeem six coins for the QR code. Attention: A reader has already reported that some payment options did not work and he could only transfer the money.

How to get a drone license in Europe?

Drone license: Depending on the category, pilots must take exams to obtain the EU drone license. These are recognized in all countries that have also introduced the EU Drone Regulation.