When did the Colors TV channel come out?

When did the Colors TV channel come out?

This channel are Launched Viacom18 on July 21, 2008. MTWiki Blog are providing List of Colors TV Channel currently playing Serials and Reality Shows Timing Schedule. We also share Colors TV All programs Weekly TRP Ratings and Next Upcoming NEW TV Shows in 2021 with Lead Actors and actress Name.

Who is the Evil Queen in colors Chandrakanta?

Chandrakanta (2017–2018) Error: please try again. Young Chandrakanta, the princess of the kingdom of Vijaygarh loses her family and kingdom in a battle waged by the evil Queen Iravati of Naugarh, hungry for ultimate power. Her mother, See full summary »

Who is the powerful lady in Colors TV?

A powerful lady from a village ‘Ammaji’ who decrees that newly born girls would be killed by drowning them in milk, and many other such acts. Ammaji are very anti-women. 10. Rishton Se Badi Pratha (2010–2011)

Who is Phulwa in the Colors TV series?

‘Phulwa’ is a dramatic series that revolves around little ‘Phulwa’, an innocent village girl, who is as sweet and harmless as her name implies. 25.

What are the stages of the heroine’s journey?

Murdock proposed a cycle of eight stages. Like the Hero’s Journey, these stages are able to be removed and switched around as necessary. It begins with the breaking away from feminine ideals and the turning towards the patriarchal values.

Who is the author of the heroine’s journey?

Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s version of the heroine’s journey. Victoria Lynn Schmidt wrote two versions of a character’s journey: The Feminine and the Masculine Journey. She published her version in 2001 in her book: 45 Master Characters. The most noticeable differences were the circular nature and that the female had to prove herself to herself.

Who is Ahaan in Colors TV series 17?

Pankti falls in love with Ahaan, a musician. However, as they try to take their relationship forward, Pankti’s mother decides to get her married to a rich man. 17. Udaan (2014–2019) Error: please try again.