What was the year 1366 like?

What was the year 1366 like?

Events. March 13 – Henry II deposes his half-brother, Pedro of Castile, to become King of Castile. October 12 – Frederick III of Sicily forbids decorations on synagogues. October 26 – Comet 55P/Tempel–Tuttle passes 0.0229 AU (3,430,000 km; 2,130,000 mi) from Earth.

What is the Islamic year for 2021?

This year, the Islamic New Year will begin on August 10 and it will be called Hijri 1443.

What is today’s Islamic date data?

What is Islamic date today in Pakistan? Islamic date today in Pakistan is 09 Muharram 1443 in Islamic Hijri calendar. The current Islamic year is 1443 AH.

What year is 1441 in Gregorian calendar?

1441/7/16 Hijri as Gregorian and Solar date

Date Result:
Gregorian date: 11 March 2020
Gregorian date, Number: 11/3/2020
Hijri date: 16 Rajab 1441
Hijri date, Number: 16/7/1441

What does Socket 1366 stand for in Intel?

LGA 1366, also known as Socket B, is an Intel CPU socket. This socket supersedes Intel’s LGA 775 (Socket T) in the high-end and performance desktop segments. It also replaces the server-oriented LGA 771 (Socket J) in the entry level and is superseded itself by LGA 2011. LGA stands for land grid array.

When did the LGA 1366 socket come out?

It is also known as Socket B and was released in 2008. LGA 1366 socket inherits Intel’s LGA 775 (Socket T) in the high-end computers and performance desktop segments. Also, it supersedes the Intel’s LGA 771 (Socket J) in the entry-level servers.

What was the date of the year 1366?

Year 1366 (MCCCLXVI) was a common year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

What kind of heat sinks do I need for LGA 1366?

Available reference heat sinks include circular design and heatpipe design. The chipsets that support LGA 1366 are Intel’s X58 (desktop) and 3400, 3420, 3450, 5500, 5520 and 7500 (server). ^ “Intel Core i7 Processor Datasheet” (PDF).