What tribe is Esther Mahlangu?

What tribe is Esther Mahlangu?

Ndebele community
Esther Mahlangu is part of the Ndebele community in the Gauteng, located north of Pretoria. The Ndebele, unlike many other tribes in South Africa, have managed to preserve their centuries’ old ancestral traditions.

What crime did Solomon Mahlangu do?

Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu (10 July 1956 – 6 April 1979) was a South African freedom fighter, struggle activist and operative of the African National Congress (ANC) militant wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK). He was convicted of murder and hanged in 1979.

Why was Violet Gwangwa important to South Africa?

As friend, comrade, wife, mother, organiser and inspiration, Violet Gwangwa gave an immeasurable amount to South Africa’s cultural life. Our landscape would be barren without such strong women. Their stories are vital to our history. Hamba Kahle.

When did Violet Gwangwa the climbing plant die?

Violet Molebatsi Gwangwa’s life embodied the essential role family members play in creative communities. (Image courtesy of the family) If a single image could sum up the life of the late Violet Molebatsi Gwangwa (1938-2021), who died on 6 January and was laid to rest on Tuesday, it might be a vibrant climbing plant.

How did Jonas Mosa Gwangwa and Violet Kabe meet?

Violet Kabe was born on 21 September 1938. She and Jonas Mosa Gwangwa had been childhood friends in Orlando East. As they grew up, they used the same public tennis court; she asked him to teach her piano, and the two went through all the awkwardness of teenage flirtation and courtship. Jonas paid ilobolo to her family in 1958.

Why was Umkhonto weSizwe sent back to Botswana?

He later joined the African Mineworkers Union (AMU) and the ANC in 1949, becoming a branch leader for the Newclare Branch. Subsequently, he was arrested and charged with treason in the 1956 Treason Trial. As a result, he was deported back to Botswana and asked by Walter Sisulu to set up safe houses in the Lobatse area.