What teams does Anschutz own?

What teams does Anschutz own?

Over five decades, Philip Anschutz has built fortunes in oil, railroads, telecom, real estate and entertainment. He owns the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings and a third of the Los Angeles Lakers, plus the arena in which they play, the Staples Center.

Who owns Anschutz Corp?

Philip Anschutz
The Anschutz Corporation/Owners

Is the Anschutz Corporation publicly traded?

Anschutz Exploration Corporation (AEC) is a private, independent oil and gas company with current projects located in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

Who owns the campus hotel in LA?

Owned and operated by the University of Southern California, our hotel is conveniently located adjacent to the USC campus, next door to the Galen Center, and a three-minute walk to the LA Memorial Coliseum and Exposition Park.

Who is the owner of the Anschutz Corporation?

The Anschutz Corporation and its affiliates, including Anschutz Company and Anschutz Investment Company, are the investment vehicles for the diversified interests of Philip F. Anschutz.

What did Anschutz do with his oil and gas wealth?

Were it not for this shrewd maneuver that made him a billionaire, Anschutz could have been one of the crash’s casualties. Anschutz parlayed his oil and gas wealth into the stock market, downtown real estate (primarily in Denver), and, ultimately, the railroad industry.

When did Anschutz Corporation separate from Southern Pacific?

1991: Anschutz separates SP Telecom from Southern Pacific, retaining the right to lay fiber-optic cable along the railroad’s rights-of-way. 1995: With Edward Roski, Jr., Anschutz purchases the Los Angeles Kings hockey team.

Where is Anschutz Exploration located in the Rockies?

We are currently focused on projects within the US Rockies, which leverages our company history and technical experience. Anschutz Exploration is actively involved and owns assets within the following areas; the Powder River and Washakie Basins of Wyoming, the Piceance and DJ Basins of Colorado and the Unita Basin of Utah.