What size is a Trek 4900?

What size is a Trek 4900?

2003 Trek 4900

Bicycle Type Mountain bike, front suspension
Weight Unspecified
Sizes 15.5″, 17.5″, 19.5″, 21.5″
Colors Metallic Red, Metallic Silver/Navy
Item ID 91985

How do I tell how old my Trek bike is?

Trek frame serial numbers (SNs) are typically stamped into the bottom of the bottom bracket shell. In the case of some early 80s Treks, the number is under the plastic cable guide on the bottom of the shell. Just remove the plastic cable guide to see the number.

Can I look up my Trek bike by serial number?

You can find the bike serial number on the underside of the bicycle frame, near the bottom bracket. Look for a sticker containing a barcode. This sticker will also contain a string of letters and numbers, many beginning with WTU. This full string of characters is the bike serial number.

What kind of bike is a trek 4900?

CALL ONLY trek 4900 , used fair condition ,scratch and scuff, had it outside, so a little surfaces rust, but rides good trek 4900 , used fair condition ,scratch and scuff, had it outside, so a little surfaces rust, but rides good Trek 4900 Aluminum Frame Mountain Bike.

Are there any Trek Bikes that are gender neutral?

Trek’s lineup includes gender-neutral and women’s models, which have touchpoints like saddles and handlebars that can provide a better fit and feel to some women from the start. Every model is held to the same high standard of comfort and performance. No two riders are exactly the same, and that’s why we have options.

What was the price of a Trek bike in 2003?

The Trek Bike Archives, covering 2003 and newer Treks, also contains suggested retail prices. Visitors to this site have submitted the following pricing information for various Trek models at the time they were new. The prices are a combination of list prices and selling prices.

Are there any women’s hybrid bikes from Trek?

Trek has been making women’s hybrid bikes longer than anyone—and experience has taught us that one approach does not fit all women. Different women want different things from their bikes, and we’ve got something for all of them. NEED HELP CHOOSING?