What jewelry goes in a rook piercing?

What jewelry goes in a rook piercing?

PLACEMENT: The rook is the part of your ear between the outer and inner cartilage above the tragus. JEWELRY: Curved barbells, cartilage hoops, flat back stud earrings.

What piercing looks good with a rook?

Rook + Auricle With the addition of the auricle piercing, it’ll get the attention it deserves. The auricle always gets people and then they’ll stay to stare at the beauty of your rook piercing.

What size earring goes in rook?

Rook piercings require a curved barbell due to the way they are pierced. The barbell length you need will depend on your skin thickness. The lengths usually range from 6mm to 10mm….Rook Size Guide.

Gauge 16g (1.2mm)
Bar Length 6mm – 8mm
Inner Diameter 6mm – 8mm

What does a rook ear piercing help with?

Just like other body piercings, most people get rook piercings primarily for body ornamentation. Practitioners of ear acupuncture (auriculotherapy), a form of alternative medicine, say that ear piercings have therapeutic benefits, and rook piercing can relieve stress.

What are the risks of a rook piercing?

Risks of Getting a Rook Piercing Infection. Like what we said before, infection is quite common when it comes to piercings. Piercing Migration. Piercing migration occurs when your own body rejects the chosen jewelry, just like it would with a splinter. Keloids, Scars, and Bumps. If you are prone to keloids, scars, and bumps, then chances are you will get one in your rook piercing.

How much does rook piercing cost?

Most rook piercings will range from around $35 to $75. Choose your piercer wisely and ask to look through their portfolio. Familiarize yourself with where the placement should be by looking around on Google. Check out the jewelry size and know how the jewelry should sit on the ear.

Does A Daith or rook piercing hurt more?

Some less common ear piercings hurt more because the cartilage is thicker and more nerve dense , such as: daith piercing; rook piercing; conch piercing