What is Word Processing Level 2?

What is Word Processing Level 2?

Level 2. Intermediate Level: Assesses your skills in producing business documents. Teachers, professionals and candidates aiming to work as word processor operators are ideal candidates.

What is RSA 2 word processing?

The level 2 ORC (RSA) certification concentrates on a student’s ability to produce a variety of business documents on a word processor from handwritten or drafted originals.

What OCR 2?

ocr-2 (Osm-9 and Capsaicin receptor-Related) Located in non-motile cilium and plasma membrane.

What is a word processing qualification?

The OCR Level 1 Award in Text Processing (Business Professional) is a skills-based qualification that assesses your ability to produce straightforward business documents with accuracy, using a keyboard and functions. It also aims to enhance your proofreading skills.

Which is the best course for OCR Level 2?

This course is suitable for those who wish to reach the standard required for OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and the RSA) Level 2 in Word Processing and Text Production. Once enrolled on the course we will supply you with comprehensive training materials and instructions as to how to proceed.

Is the OCR text processing qualification still required?

Although OCR have withdrawn all of their Text Processing suite of qualifications, and are not replacing them with anything else, we believe that the standard required for these qualifications was a good benchmark for desirable skills in today’s workplace.

How many words per minute can you type with OCR?

Sets of assessment papers will also be supplied for you to complete and return for marking by a fully qualified OCR marking co-ordinator. Your marked work is returned to you with feedback and instructions as to how to proceed. You should be able to type at 35 words per minute or more and be a proficient user of Microsoft Word.

How long does it take to get an OCR diploma?

Producing extra copies and indicating routing as instructed. Upon successful completion receive 4 OCR certificates at Level 3 together with comprehensive training materials for future reference. 60-80 hours diploma course. This course is suitable if you have excellent typing and word processing skills.