What is Uptide and Downtide?

What is Uptide and Downtide?

Some anglers fish downtide using grip leads, in much the same way as other anglers fish uptide. First they drop the lead to the sea bed, then release a bow of line, just as when uptiding. In this case the bow of line lies in a vertical plane, passing over the top of and then downtide of the lead.

What is an Uptide fishing rod?

Uptide Rods, being much like a mini version of a beachcaster, are designed for casting lead weights within ranges between 4oz and 10oz, ie 4oz to 5oz, 5oz to 6oz, 6oz to 8oz, and 8oz to 10oz. Spiked, or Breakaway Leads, are used to hold the lead in position on the seabed where it lands.

What does Uptide mean?

Acronym. Definition. UPTIDE. Unified PACFLT Project for Tactical Improvement & Data Extraction.

Can you cast a boat rod?

Surf Rods and Boat Rods The extra length is used to lob heavy bait rigs out into the surf. Boat rods can be spinning or casting rods, but are almost always on the short and stiff side. They’re used primarily for trolling.

How far can you cast a spinning rod?

According to a lot of great anglers, extending your range 10 to 15 yards is very doable for most of us. Casts out to 50, 55 or even 60 yards are in the ballpark if we gear up and get the mechanics of the cast just right, these pros tell us.

Why can’t I cast my rod far?

The problem could be a lack of lubrication, a line or lure that is too lightweight, a brake system that is set too high, the wind, the number and quality of ball bearings in the reel, or it could have to do with the length and quality of the rod as well. …

What’s the difference between Downtide and uptide fishing?

Downtiding This is a technique that uses shorter rods – a 12-20lb class rod is ideal as the tide lets you “drift” your bait away from the boat with the prevailing current. The rig is simply dropped over the side and lowered slowly to the sea bed allowing bait presentation outside the boat’s “scare area” by the time it reaches the bottom.

Which is the best uptide for a boat?

The Abu Suveran Uptide and very different Fladen Maximus 10ft are personal favourites for boat casting. The Fladen in particular is a powerful rod which will cast up to 280g (10 oz) yet still has a flexible enough tip for superb bite detection and presence in the tide.

What does uptiding mean on a fishing boat?

Uptiding can also come into its own when drawn near the boat’s cabin and unable to trot downtide for reasons of tangles and interfering in other anglers’ space. Casting ‘up’ or ‘across’ the tide can help you locate those additional fish.

How big of a uptide rod do I Need?

Uptide rods vary in length and price but you generally get what you pay for. Rods of between 9ft 6 in and 10 ft are the standard, and most will comfortably handle 4 – 8oz of lead and a decent sized bait without any problems. The Abu Suveran Uptide and very different Fladen Maximus 10ft are personal favourites for boat casting.