What is the thorax on a butterfly?

What is the thorax on a butterfly?

The thorax is the butterfly’s engine room, containing the muscles that power the wings. The thorax is made up of three segments, each of which has a pair of legs attached to it. The second and third segments also have a pair of wings attached to them.

Where is the thorax and abdomen on a butterfly?

Thorax – the thorax is the body section between the head and the abdomen. The legs and wings are attached to the thorax.

What are some of the internal and external structures of the butterfly?

Like all other insects, butterflies have six legs and three main body parts: head, thorax (chest or mid section) and abdomen (tail end). They also have two antennae and an exoskeleton.

What is the belly of a butterfly called?

The abdomen contains the digestive system, breathing apparatus, a long tubular heart, and the sexual organs. The abdominal exoskeleton is multi-segmented. Each of the 10 segments is comprised of a ring of a hard material called chitin.

What kind of anatomy does a butterfly have?

Butterflies have a typical insect anatomy consisting of three body segments (head, thorax, abdomen). The eyes and antennae, along with the proboscis are attached to the head. Butterflies have six legs which are attached to the thorax. Also attached to the thorax are four wings, the most important part of a butterflies’ anatomy for identification.

What does the thorax of a butterfly do?

The thorax contains the muscles that make the legs and wings move. THE LEGS Butterflies have six segmented legs. The two front legs of about half the butterfly species are very short. The front pair of legs are frequently used to clean the antennae. Each foot ends in a pair of grasping claws.

Where are the legs located in a butterfly?

2. Thorax. It is the middle section of a butterfly’s body, occurring between the head and abdomen. The thorax is divided into three segments, each of which has two legs. On the thorax, the following appendages are found: Legs. A butterfly typically has a foreleg, midleg, and hind leg, each of which occurs as a pair.

What kind of organ is at the tip of a butterfly’s abdomen?

The males of many neotropical Arctiid moths, including Creatonotos transiens possess at the tips of their abdomens an extraordinary eversible organ called a coremata. An unmated female “call” to males by releasing pheromones from the tip of her abdomen.