What is the best weapon in Stick of Truth?

What is the best weapon in Stick of Truth?

So, the Fairy Sword you can buy from the girls hideout has decently high dmg like 1.5k x3. It has two upgrade slots and it completely ignores all enemy shields, armor, and defenses.

Can you be a girl in Stick of Truth?

“We figured everyone’s gonna pick it.” South Park: The Fractured But Whole will let players create female avatars, a new feature since South Park: The Stick of Truth only let you play as a boy. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone revealed the new option in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

How do you free Craig in Stick of Truth?

Get the bronze key and go to the faculty room. Clear the room, heal the boy, and get the key to Macky’s office. Grab the key from his office and try to open the cafeteria. Fight the Hallway Monitor Boss and free Craig from detention.

How do you level up fast in South Park Stick of Truth?

How to do the South Park The Stick of Truth XP farming technique

  1. HEAD OVER TO CITY WOK. The game gives out XP based on victories, rather than individual enemies.
  2. GO INTO CITY WOK. There’s nothing you particularly need to do in here, you’re just resetting the enemies outside.

What is the max level in Stick of Truth?

South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ Why is the level cap 15?

Where are the homeless in Stick of Truth?

Beat up the residents of 7 homeless encampments around South Park. To the right of Kenny’s house. Inside the Truck parked by U-Stor-It – climb up the boxes to get inside. Follow the path to the left of the Bus Stop, behind the bench and tree.

Do you have to be a boy in Stick of Truth?

The Stick of Truth is no Mass Effect, but the absence of a female character option is not only alienating to those who prefer not to play as boys, but an unexplored narrative choice.

How can I get a 5000 fractured but whole?

The fastest and easiest way to earn $5,000 is to use the infinite money glitch. Simply go to any vendor and sell all of your junk components. These include Food, Scrap, Tech, Biohazard and Meds.

How do you shoot the bow in Stick of Truth?

Press And Hold F, than aim and left click. how to shoot bow outside of battle?

Where is the key Stick of Truth?

The door is locked and it requires a key, you can find it at the Post Office; Francis – he is making a snowman in front of Kyle’s house.

What is the max level in South Park Stick of Truth?

How do you farm money in South Park Stick of Truth?

If you’re just looking for 100% completion, as in having every item in the game at one time, the only way to get the money you need is to farm it from parking meters/news paper boxes or by killing dogs in the woods/dire animals in Canada. You can also sell the Gems that you pick up in Canada.

Are there cheats for South Park the stick of truth?

South Park: The Stick of Truth cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PC. Use fire to destroy the grenade in the dead soldier’s hand at the Abortion Clinic, before approaching the gatling gun. Then shrink down enter the small opening Go to the girls’ hideout after completing the “Recruit The Girls” mission; once inside, look to your left

When did the stick of Truth Game come out?

The game is compiled through the collective efforts of Obsidian Entertainment and South Park Digital Studios. The game was available for the users in 2014, with the game magnified upon the kid who shifts himself to the heroic town, getting indulged in the race of accomplishing the dominance over Stick of Truth.

Where to shoot Chinpokomon in stick of truth?

First complete the side-quest for Mr. Mackey to earn a key to Storage Unit #221. Go to U-Stor-It Facility, and get on top of dumpster to release a ladder. Go up this ladder and climb down the other side. Use key to enter Storage Unit #221 and shoot the Chinpokomon down from atop a red box on the high shelf