What is the best magazine subscription app?

What is the best magazine subscription app?

Comparing the five major digital magazine subscription services

  • Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Amazon is the elephant in the room when it comes to digital reading.
  • Texture.
  • Zinio.
  • Magzter.
  • Readly.

Is there a magazine app for Android?

SQUID. Squid is a news and magazine reader app developed by Njuice for Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to receive news and topics from newspapers, magazines, and blogs in a curated newsfeed based on the user’s interests.

Does Google have magazines?

Google first launched its Play Magazines app back in 2012, which was then folded into Newsstand, before being dumped into Google News. Subscribers can continue to access previously purchased issues via the Google News app, but they won’t be able to purchase new subscriptions.

Is there an app for magazines?

Readly can remind you when new issues of your favorite magazines are available, and it makes it easy to bookmark and share magazines. The app’s Smart Search feature lets you use any keyword to find a specific magazine or article, and any magazine can be downloaded and read offline.

How much is the magazine app on Android?

Get monthly magazines at $9.99 per month or go with the premium account at $29.99 and you’ll also have access to weekly magazines (People, EW, SI, etc) as well. No commitments or long term obligations and the app delivers your magazines open as soon as they’re downloaded.

Which is the best app for reading magazines?

6 of the best Android apps for reading magazines and newspapers. 1 Zinio. With a library that boasts thousands of titles, Zinio offers many of your favorite magazines in single issue or subscriptions. A quick glance 2 Press Reader. 3 Amazon Kindle. 4 Google Play Magazines. 5 Next Issue.

Are there any free magazines on Kindle app?

The free app syncs with your account and provides access to titles such as The Economist, The Spectator, The Guardian and The Daily Mail. Note that all Kindle magazine subscriptions come with the first 30 days free. [ FREE]

Can you read a magazine on an Android tablet?

One of our favorite uses for an Android tablet is to put that thing into portrait mode and read digital copies of our magazines and newspapers. Well, to be fair, landscape mode isn’t so bad either. We simply love not having to lug around all these paper copies of monthly issues or daily rags as it’s lighter and more flexible.