What is the best dorm at Fordham?

What is the best dorm at Fordham?

Top 8 Dorms at Fordham University

  • McKeon Hall. Address: 150 W 62nd St New York, NY 10023 This hall houses over 400 first year students in double or triple rooms.
  • McHahon Hall.
  • Faber Hall.
  • O’Hare Hall.
  • Tierney Hall.
  • Loschert Hall.
  • Queen’s Court Residential College.
  • Martyrs’ Court.

Are there dorms at Fordham Lincoln Center?

On-campus housing at Lincoln Center is available to undergraduates and nearby off-campus housing is available to graduate students in the Fordham School of Law, Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Social Service (GSSS) and Graduate School of Education (GSE).

Is housing guaranteed at Fordham?

Fordham is your school. Our residence halls are your home. Student housing is guaranteed for four years for students (as long as students remain in housing contiguously) at both Rose Hill and Lincoln Center; housing options include dorm-style single, double, and triple rooms, as well as apartments and suites.

When did Fordham University become the Lincoln Center?

In the mid-1950s, Fordham was invited to be part of the Lincoln Square Renewal Project which sought to replace substandard housing on the city’s west side with a new performing arts complex that would become renowned as the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, home of the Metropolitan Opera and the New York City Ballet.

Where is Fordham University located in New York City?

Lincoln Center is a compact urban campus in the heart of Manhattan, which is home to Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Gabelli School of Business, School of Professional and Continuing Studies, as well as the Graduate Schools of Business, Social Service, Education and the School of Law.

What do you major in at Fordham University?

Majors in Natural Science, Integrative Neuroscience, Psychology, and more… From a neighboring world class performing arts center to countless pieces of art and culture, Fordham is our school, New York is our Campus .. Open the accessible version of Fordham University’s virtual experience.

How big is the campus of Lincoln Center?

The 8-acre campus spans two city blocks, with a landscaped plaza where you can find a respite from the City without actually leaving it. It’s also home to our Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Education, and Graduate School of Social Service.