What is the bandwidth of sinc function?

What is the bandwidth of sinc function?

(a) g(t) = sinc(200t) SOLUTION: This sinc pulse corresponds to a bandwidth of W = 100 Hz. Hence, the Nyquist rate is 200 Hz, and the Nyquist interval is 1/200 seconds.

What is a good frequency resolution?

The frequency resolution is equal to the sampling frequency divided by FFT size. For example, an FFT of size 256 of a signal sampled at 8000Hz will have a frequency resolution of 31.25Hz. If the signal is a sine wave of 110 Hz, the ideal FFT would show a sharp peak at 110Hz.

What is resolution in signal processing?

Resolution can be expressed in two ways: It is the ratio between the maximum signal measured to the smallest part that can be resolved – usually with an analog-to-digital (A/D) converter. It is the degree to which a change can be theoretically detected, usually expressed as a number of bits.

What is the value of the sinc function?

The sinc function is very significant in the theory of signals and systems, it is defined as y(t) = sinπt πt −∞ < t < ∞. It is symmetric with respect to the origin. The value of y(0) (which is zero divided by zero) can be found using L’Hopital’s rule to be unity.

Which is the unnormalized version of the sinc function?

All sums in this section refer to the unnormalized sinc function. ∑ n = 1 ∞ sinc ⁡ ( n ) = sinc ⁡ ( 1 ) + sinc ⁡ ( 2 ) + sinc ⁡ ( 3 ) + sinc ⁡ ( 4 ) + ⋯ = π − 1 2 .

What happens when one sinc function response is maximum?

(When one sinc function response is maximum, all others have zero amplitude.) This is the result implicit in Nyquist’s Bandwidth Theorem [ 1] for impulses applied at the synchronous rate fs = 1/ Ts = 2 fN and represents the condition for complete freedom from intersymbol interference (ISI).

What is the rectangular function of the sinc filter?

Properties. Euler discovered that The continuous Fourier transform of the normalized sinc (to ordinary frequency) is rect( f ) , where the rectangular function is 1 for argument between − 1 2 and 1 2, and zero otherwise. This corresponds to the fact that the sinc filter is the ideal ( brick-wall,…