What is prolonged latent phase of labor?

What is prolonged latent phase of labor?

According to Friedman et al., latent stage considered to be prolonged if takes >20 hours for nulliparous women and >14 hours for multiparous women. However, prolonged latent phase does not usually lead to any clinically significant adverse events for mother or the infant.

How long can latent labour go on for?

How long does the latent phase last? This length of this phase can range from six hours to two-three days. Nobody knows for sure why there are such big differences in duration between individuals. It tends to be longer in the first pregnancy.

Can latent phase of labour be stopped?

The latent phase can last several days or weeks before active labour starts. Some women can feel backache or cramps during this phase. Some women have bouts of contractions lasting a few hours, which then stop and start up again the next day.

How do you manage abnormal labor?

Nursing Management

  1. Review the history of labor, onset, and duration.
  2. Obtain baseline lab investigations.
  3. Assess uterine contractile pattern manually (palpation) or electronically, depending on the availability.
  4. Evaluate the current level of maternal fatigue/emotional stress.
  5. Observe any signs of infection.

What to do during prolonged latent phase labor?

Prolonged latent phase labor may result in physical and emotional exhaustion of the mother. Education, support, hydration, position changes, and other non-pharmacologic measures such as massage or water immersion should be first line treatments if maternal and fetal evaluation is reassuring.

What’s the best way to treat an abnormal labor?

For those in the latent phase, the treatment of choice is rest for several hours. During this interval, uterine activity, fetal status, and cervical effacement must be evaluated to determine if progress to the active phase has occurred. Approximately 85% of patients so treated progress to the active phase.

What should be management of prolonged latent phase?

Expectant management is reasonable for women at 4-6 cm dilation with reassuring maternal and fetal status. A prolonged latent phase is not an indication for cesarean delivery.

When does a woman enter the active phase of Labor?

Most women with a prolonged latent phase of labor will enter the active phase with expectant management. The remainder will either stop contracting, or with labor augmentation including amniotomy, oxytocin or both, will achieve the active phase.