What is model in QML?

What is model in QML?

QML items such as ListView, GridView and Repeater require Data Models that provide the data to be displayed. These items typically require a delegate component that creates an instance for each item in the model. Models may be static, or have items modified, inserted, removed or moved dynamically.

What is a delegate in QML?

The delegate provides a template defining each item instantiated by a view. The index is exposed as an accessible index property. Properties of the model are also available depending upon the type of Data Model. filterOnGroup : string. This property holds name of the group that is used to filter the delegate model.

What is a list model?

The ListModel is a simple container of ListElement definitions, each containing data roles. The contents can be defined dynamically, or explicitly in QML. The number of elements in the model can be obtained from its count property.

What is Data Model C++?

A data model (or datamodel) is an abstract model that organizes elements of data and standardizes how they relate to one another and to the properties of real-world entities.

What are the different types of QML models?

There are several QML types for creating models. View – a container that displays the data. The view might display the data in a list or a grid. Delegate – dictates how the data should appear in the view. The delegate takes each data in the model and encapsulates it. The data is accessible through the delegate.

How are data models created in Qt Quick?

QML provides several types of data models among the built-in set of QML types. In addition, models can be created with Qt C++ and then made available to QQmlEngine for use by QML components. For information about creating these models, visit the Using C++ Models with Qt Quick Views and creating QML types articles.

Which is the parent module of qtqml.models?

Note: QtQml .Models module started at version 2.1 to match the version of the parent module, Qt QML. In addition, Qt.labs.qmlmodels provides experimental QML types for models. To use these experimental types, import the module with the following line:

Why are index and modeldata not accessible in QML?

Note: model, index, and modelData roles are not accessible if the delegate contains required properties, unless it has also required properties with matching names. QML provides several types of data models among the built-in set of QML types.