What is medium weight interfacing used for?

What is medium weight interfacing used for?

Generally you should NOT use a heavier weight interfacing than the fabric, as the interfacing will ‘dominate’ the garment and add an unnatural structure to it. So for medium weight fabrics, use medium weight interfacing. For medium weight knit fabrics, use medium weight knit interfacing.

What weight should I use for interfacing?

What weight interfacing should be used? Interfacing should be the same weight as the fabric, or a bit lighter. Do NOT use a heavier weight interfacing than the fabric, because the garment won’t drape well.

What is medium weight Pellon?

PDF Download. Pellon® 931TD Fusible Midweight is a non-woven, fusible interfacing for medium to heavyweight fabrics. It is perfect for active sportswear, yokes on dresses and shirts, linings for snaps and buttons, and lightweight linings for pillows, curtains, and bags.

How do I choose a Pellon interfacing?

The choice between a fusible & a sew-in interfacing depends on the fabric, the degree of firmness desired & personal preference. Fusibles are great time savers. They’re easy to work with & are compatible with most fabrics. They make a fabric slightly crisper than a sew-in interfacing of comparable weight.

How big is a Pellon 911ff grid interfacing bolt?

Pellon 911FF Fusible Featherweight Interfacing 20” x 10 yard Bolt. Color: White. . Only 8 left in stock – order soon. . .

What kind of interfacing do you use instead of sew?

Instead of sew-in interfacing you can use silk organza or self-fabric the same way as sew in interfacing. Felt fabric can also be used as interfacing in craft projects. Self fabric or organza is usually used as interfacing for silk fabric. For thick fabrics you can use silk organza as interfacing to avoid too much bulk.

Which is the equivalent of Pellon peltex # 72?

Equivalent to Pellon Peltex #72 – double-sided fusible (but Vilene Fusible Ultra Heavy is only fusible on one side). Please note Vilene has rebranded as Vliesline. We apologise but ordering is currently suspended on the site. Ordering will be restored again around 2pm on Monday. Please note the minimum order quantity is a half metre.

How big should interfacing be cut on a sewing machine?

Interfacing is cut a tad smaller than the fabric it is going to be attached to. 1/8 inch is the standard. This is so that when you press the interfacing to the fabric the interfacing glue will not get into your pressing surface.