What is meant by general government?

What is meant by general government?

A sector defined in the ESA 95 as comprising resident entities that are engaged primarily in the production of non-market goods and services intended for individual and collective consumption and/or in the redistribution of national income and wealth.

What are general government services?

General government consists of central, state and local governments and the social security funds controlled by these units. General government accounts presents data on fiscal balance, debt, revenues, expenditure, costs and reserves of governments.

What are the general sectors?

The General government sector is subdivided into four subsectors: central government, state government, local government, and social security funds.

What government sector means?

The government sector consists of the following resident institutional units: all units of central, state or local government; all social security funds at each level of government; all non-market non-profit institutions that are controlled and financed by government units.

What do you mean by General Government sector?

General government sector (GGS) A group of government-controlled entities that provide public services which are mainly: non-market in nature; for the collective consumption of the community, involving the transfer or redistrubution of income; and. budget-funded or obtain their funds from government.

What is the definition of the public sector?

public sector. n. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the part of an economy that consists of state-owned institutions, including nationalized industries and services provided by local authorities.

How is the government sector classified in Australia?

This sector classification enables the collection of financial information on the performance of Commonwealth entities and companies in the Commonwealth public sector, and is classified by institutional sector, as defined and required by Australian equivalents of international standards – known as Government Finance Statistics.

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