What is collaborative information retrieval?

What is collaborative information retrieval?

Collaborative information retrieval (CIR) encompasses the many varied social approaches to information seeking. Although some information retrieval systems have given an impression of individual access to resources, there is a growing realization that much information work is fundamentally collaborative in nature.

What is a collaborative information system?

A Collaborative System is an information system used to facilitate efficient sharing of data, documents, files, information, and knowledge between teams and employees in an organization.

What is a collaborative source of information?

Collaborative information seeking (CIS) is a field of research that involves studying situations, motivations, and methods for people working in collaborative groups for information seeking projects, as well as building systems for supporting such activities.

What is interactive information retrieval?

Since Information Retrieval (IR) is an interactive process in general, it is important to study Interactive Information Retrieval (IIR), where we would attempt to model and optimize an entire interactive retrieval process (rather than a single query) with consideration of many different ways a user can potentially …

Who are the researchers of collaborative information retrieval?

The collaborative information retrieval (CIR) project undertaken by the researchers at the Uni- versity of Washington (Fidel, Bruce et al. 2000; Bruce, Fidel et al. 2003; Poltrock, Dumais et al. 2003; Fidel, Pejtersen et al. 2004) has helped lay an important foundation for understanding CIB.

What kind of research is done on collaboration?

Although collaboration is a key component of work in organizational and other settings, most research has primarily focused on individual information behavior and not the collaborative aspects of information behavior.

What is the definition of collaborative information seeking?

They described collaborative information seeking (CIS) as a dynamic activity in which “individuals must work together to seek, synthesize and dis- seminate information”. They placed collaborative information seeking within the wider context of the group communication process.

Why is CIB important in the information retrieval system?

Most information retrieval systems and underlying conceptualizations of information behavior are still viewed primarily from an individual user’s perspective, despite the mounting evidence that collaborative information behavior (CIB) plays an important role in organizational work. Focus- ing solely on individual information behavior ABsTRAcT