What is best fertilizer for azaleas?

What is best fertilizer for azaleas?

If you don’t test the soil, select a general, balanced fertilizer such as 15-15-15. The numbers refer to the proportionate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the product. The nutrient your azalea is most likely to need is nitrogen. This also encourages the shrub to grow faster.

How often should azaleas be fertilized?

One yearly fertilizer application in spring is enough to keep your plants thriving. But, say you just got your plants and it’s late summer or fall and you want to get your plants going in your landscape.

How do you fertilize azaleas?


  1. Distribute 4 cups of spent coffee grounds on two sheet pans in a thin, uniform layer.
  2. Transfer the coffee grounds to the nonreactive mixing bowl and add 1 cup of granite dust and 1 cup of bone meal.

When should I fertilize my azaleas bloom?

Fertilize once at the beginning of each spring — after the fear of frost has passed. You may find that this will be the only time you need to fertilize. However, if you feel you need to fertilize again, do so before August. Azaleas are sensitive to heavy fertilization.

Which fertilizer formula to use on azaleas?

Azaleas do best with fertilizers with an N-P-K ratio of 1-1-1 (balanced N-P-K ratio), although using fertilizers with N-P-K ratio with slightly higher nitrogen components are also fine as nitrogen is usually the nutrient that azaleas become deficient in.

When is best time to fertilize azaleas?

When you fertilize azaleas is less important than pruning timing. A general rule of thumb is to fertilize in early spring before flowering and again in later spring after flowering.

How often should I fertilize my bonsai Azalea?

Fertilizing Azalea Bonsai Satsuki Azalea bonsai prefer an acidic fertilizer that does not include lime. Fertilize this bonsai every other week in the spring. Stop feeding fertilizer while the tree is flowering.

Should azaleas be fertilized while blooming?

Answer: Yes, they can. However, most gardeners wait. Fertilization can encourage azaleas to send out their new growth while they are still blooming. While this is not a problem for the plant, it is disappointing to see the flowers covered partially by the new growth. Some azaleas will do this anyway, but there is no use encouraging them.