What is a spiral window balance?

What is a spiral window balance?

Spiral window balances aid in opening windows, as well as holding windows open by utilizing a spiral-shaped rod within a tube. This rod connects to a spring, which is what provides the tension for supporting the sash.

Can you repair a spiral balance?

To adjust the tension in the spring you’ll need a spiral balance tensioning tool. Remove the sash from the window frame and hook the tensioning tool to the bottom of the spring rod. The hook allows you to spin the rod and tighten the spring to the needed tension. You can’t repair a broken spring.

How long do spiral balances last?

about 5000 cycles
Replacement window spiral balances are engineered to last about 5000 cycles.

How big is a spiral tilt window balance?

This spiral tilt balance is constructed of a mill-finished metal tube that measures 3/8 in. Dia. The red colored nylon bushings of this spiral tilt balance indicate that the weight is set for a medium spring weight. Typically they are used on a vinyl, single hung tilt window. Can be used on most vinyl single hung tilt windows

How is the tension on a spiral window adjusted?

The tension is adjusted by being wound (using a spiral balance tensioning tool) to match the sash it is supporting. Browse our selection of spiral window balances, parts, and accessories.

How do you remove balance from spiral window?

Unhook the balance from the bottom of the sash. Next un-tension the balance. Now while supporting the window, remove the vise grip with caution, as the window will be heavy. Then slowly close the window. Remove the screws at the top of the balance and remove the balance. Repeat the process on the other side of the frame.

Where can I get yellow spiral Tilt Balance?

Yellow is a certain weight range for a sash. You can contact the manufacturer directly with your questions regarding this item, or any other product manufactured by Prime-Line Products by calling their toll free number at (877) 649-9740, or by contacting them by email at [email protected].