What is a good sentence for alliance?

What is a good sentence for alliance?

Examples of alliance in a Sentence There has been a pattern of shifting alliances in the political world. The article condemns what some say is an unholy alliance between government and media. one nation working in alliance with another There is disagreement within the alliance about how to deal with this problem.

What is the meaning of Holy Alliance?

Holy Alliance, a loose organization of most of the European sovereigns, formed in Paris on Sept. 26, 1815, by Alexander I of Russia, Francis I of Austria, and Frederick William III of Prussia when they were negotiating the Second Peace of Paris after the final defeat of Napoleon.

What did the Holy Alliance do?

The principal aim of the Alliance was to guard the postwar borders of Europe and make every effort to prevent the revolutionary influence. In November 1815 the Holy Alliance Act was signed by the King of France Louis XVIII.

Why was the Holy Alliance holy?

The intention of the Holy Alliance was to restrain republicanism and secularism in Europe in the wake of the devastating French Revolutionary Wars and the alliance nominally succeeded in this until Crimean War (1853–1856).

What is the meaning of the word Holy Alliance?

Holy Alliance. noun. a document advocating government according to Christian principles that was signed in 1815 by the rulers of Russia, Prussia, and Austria. the informal alliance that resulted from this agreement.

How is the word alliance used in a sentence?

The Typical American should set his face against all seeming alliance of Church and State. Rather than abandon such enterprises, they would persuade him to a strange alliance between those extremes. If the home is really a religious institution it will seek natural alliance with all other truly religious institutions.

Who was the leader of the Holy Alliance?

a league formed by the principal sovereigns of Europe in 1815 with the professed object of promoting Christian brotherhood but the practical object of repressing democratic revolutions and institutions. The English and Turkish rulers and Pope Pius VII did not join the league. Think you remember last week’s words?

What happens at the end of the Holy Alliance?

First, one fights with another, then they make an alliance, then they go back to fighting each other. The Via Dolorosa ends at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and is marked by nine stations of the cross. Oops! Jesus’ Last Steps Are in the Wrong Place | Candida Moss | January 6, 2015 | DAILY BEAST