What is a Gates Glidden used for?

What is a Gates Glidden used for?

Gates-Glidden (GG) drills are the first instruments used to enlarge the cervical portion of root canals [9, 10]. They are commonly used during endodontic procedures for their ease of use and low cost [8, 9].

Can gutta percha be removed?

Removal of gutta percha (GP) is a critical step in endodontic retreatment. Removal of GP is generally accomplished by the use of heat, Hedstrom files, GP solvents, and rotary GP removal instruments.

Are K files end cutting?

Standard K files have an “active” (cutting) tip. Specifically, the tip of a standard K file is quite sharp due to the acute transition from the tip to the fluting. An active tip results in an increased possibility of ledging and canal transportation.

What is the difference between file and reamer?

Another difference is that the file is usually made from a rectangular blank, whereas the reamer has a triangular cross section. Because of its fewer flutes and triangular cross section, the K-reamer is a much more flexible instrument than the K-file.

What removes gutta-percha?

Chloroform rapidly softens gutta percha and, in conjunction with files, allows for the removal of gutta percha in a crown-down manner. With the canals filled with chloroform bath then paper points are utilized to wick residual gutta percha and sealers from the more inaccessible regions of the root canal system.

Are Gates Glidden burs single use?

The instrument has multiple uses, including the opening of the root canal orifice, shaping of the root canal in the coronal and middle thirds of the root, and initially even to the apical extent of the canal.

What are Hedstrom files used for?

Premier Hedstrom Files are used for more rapid enlargement of root canals. Note that the cutting edges are inclined backwards. The insertion is made easily since there is no cutting taking place on the insertion stroke. When the instrument is withdrawn, cutting takes place and debris is carried away from the apex.

What are K files?

Premier K-Files are used to enlarge canal after debridement with a reamer. After reamer, use a file one size smaller than the reamer so that the fragments of dentinal shavings can be carried away from the root-canal walls. Use in clockwise direction (1/4 turn only), then withdraw.

What is the difference between K-file and h file?

All K-files are mainly intended for rotary motions inside the canals. On the other hand, H-files are specially designed for shaping canals after they are previously cleaned and enlarged with K-files. They are made out of the ground wire and have a tear-drop cross-sectional shape.