What is a chain of custody water samples?

What is a chain of custody water samples?

According to the EPA, a chain of custody (COC) form tracks the transfer of your stormwater samples from collection through analysis to ensure its integrity. This means that every individual that handles the sample will record their name, signature, as well as the date and time the sample was placed in their custody.

How do you fill out a chain of custody form?

Properly filled out chain of custodies should include: sample ID, location of source, date and time collected, date and time received at the lab, sample preservation, analysis required, name of collector, pertinent field data, names of those who had custody of the sample, and reporting/billing contacts.

What is the chain of custody for lab samples?

The chain-of-custody protocol is a clerical and custodial service offered by the laboratory to document specimen transfer and provide for extended specimen storage. A written record of specimen transfer, from patient, to analyst, to storage and disposal, is maintained on all specimens covered by chain-of-custody.

How is a sample entered in a chain of custody?

Sample Custody Each time the custody of a sample or group of samples is transferred, a signature, date, and time will be entered onto the chain of custody form. A sample will be considered to be in custody if it is in any one of the following states: 1. In actual physical possession 2.

What are the general sampling procedures for drinking water?

General Sampling Procedures This summary document is designed to be used by personnel trained in the collection of drinking water samples and handling of sample preservatives. Follow the procedures described below to assist in the collection of an acceptable sample and to maintain the integrity of the sample after collection. 1.

When do you need a chain of custody?

Book of Standards Volume: 11.01 5.1 Chain-of-custody procedures are a necessary element in a program to assure one’s ability to support data and conclusions adequately from the time samples are collected until sample disposal. In a legal or regulatory situation custody documentation alone is not sufficient.

How long does it take to hold a water sample?

Holding Times Holding times are generally very short – 8 hours for source water samples, 30 hours for drinking water samples, 48 hours for coliphage samples. Deliver samples to the lab the day of collection if possible or ship via overnight delivery. Sampling Instructions Wear gloves when collecting samples. Do not rinse the bottles.