What happened between Benzino and Althea?

What happened between Benzino and Althea?

Benzino and Althea Heart’s volatile relationship In between several breakups, Heart was arrested… Hollywood Life reveals in a 2018 article that Heart hit Benzino in front of police during a police check in regarding a domestic violence dispute. Heart’s charges were misdemeanor battery, including a $20,000 bail.

Is Althea married to Benzino?

Benzino and Althea married in 2016 and welcomed a son together, but the arguments haven’t ceased between the two. Over the years, Althea has been arrested on multiple occasions for allegedly physically abusing Benzino.

Did Stevie sleep with Althea?

During the season, she admitted to briefly sleeping with Stevie J before meeting Benzino. The story line last year focused on Stevie J lying about the situation to Joseline, who ultimately heard it was true from others.

Who Is MiMi Faust dating?

MiMi Faust
Known for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta
Partner(s) Stevie J (1997–2012) Tamera Young (2016–2020)
Children 1

Is it true that Benzino and Althea are married?

All of his children are currently living in Philadelphia. However, previously, its look-alike that Benzino found his partner of life. On the number of occasions, he admitted that he has a strong love for Althea. Are he and Althea Married in the Past? Not, the couple only got engaged with a marvelous ring.

Who is Althea Heart married to on love and hip hop?

Althea Heart Husband Heart is married to American rapper, hip hop media executive and record producer, Benzino, whom she started dating during season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The couple has a son, Zino Antonio Scott Jr., who was born on November 10, 2015.

Who is Benzino from Love and hip hop?

Ex-‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Benzino Busted in Althea Drama Scrapping with Her New BF Benzino allegedly flew into a jealous rage and took his anger out on his baby mama, Althea Eaton ‘s new man and his truck which led to his arrest.

What did altheaheart say about Benzino on Instagram?

The rising singer took to Instagram showcasing a screen of Benzino’s DM with a woman who sent him a photo of her wearing a sultry bikini. Benzino was caught telling the woman, whose face was cropped out of the photo, that he’d give everything up for her. #AltheaHeart blasts #Benzino for his 272928 dirty dog ways.