What does short stub mean?

What does short stub mean?

A stub period refers to a short or partial period in a swap or loan, or coupons on a bond. When the asset has a recurring payment schedule, but the first or last period is shorter because it was traded mid-payment, this short period is known as the stub.

What is a long stub?

A long final stub. The schedule periods will be determined forwards from the regular period start date. Any remaining period, shorter than the standard frequency, will be allocated at the end and combined with the previous period, making a total period longer than the standard frequency.

What is a stub period DCF?

• You use a stub period when you’re valuing a company before or after the end of its fiscal year and there are 1 or more quarters in between the current date and the end of the fiscal year. • For example, it’s currently September 30th and the company’s fiscal year ends on December 31st.

What does stub mean in finance?

In finance, a stub is a security that is created as a result of a corporate restructuring such as a spin-off, bankruptcy, or recapitalization in which a portion of a company’s equity is separated from the parent company’s stock. Stub stocks may also be created by converting a distressed company’s bonds into equity.

What are the dimensions of a stub end?

Our stock list consists of Stub End Dimensions in sizes up to 80 inches. We are one of the leading Stub Ends Manufacturers. Our regular production line consists of stainless steel fittings such as the Stub End 304.

What does Buttweld long stub end stand for?

The Buttweld Long Stub End, which is essentially a piece of pipe, with one end flared outwards, whereas the other end is prepared to be welded to a pipe that has the same bore size or NPS i.e. nominal pipe size, material as well as wall thickness.

When to use long pattern stub ends with flanges?

When long pattern stub ends are used with flanges in Classes 1500 and 2500, it may be necessary to increase the length A. – Additional lap thickness must be provided for special facings (e.g. tongue and groove); this is within length A. – Dimension B conforms to ASME/ANSI B16.5, Pipe Flanges and Forged Fittings.

How big is stub end Din 2642 fitting?

Since a lap joint flange can be rotated to smoothen the alignment of the bolt holes. Stub End Din 2642 fittings are available in short and long pattern i.e. – ASA and MSS ASME B16.9 Stub End . Our stock list consists of Stub End Dimensions in sizes up to 80 inches.