What does Normerica do?

What does Normerica do?

As a global supplier to many of the world’s leading retailers, we are proud to make some of the most popular and trusted cat litter, dog treats, and dog food brands. We offer customized solutions, unique capabilities, developed infrastructure, and highly competitive pricing.

What does Normerica make?

From its beginnings in clumping cat litter, Normerica is now a multi-million dollar manufacturer of all natural dog treats, wheat free, holistic dog biscuits, and premium kettle cooked meals for dogs. Normerica’s products, both branded and private label, are available at retailers across the globe.

How many manufacturing facilities does normerica Inc have?

We’ve continued to grow ever since, with 4 manufacturing facilities in both the United States and Canada. Following our humble beginnings, we’ve been leading the way in the pet industry, providing premium quality pet products, both branded and private label, to world-class retailers around the globe.

How long has normerica been making pet products?

Providing premium pet products for over 27 years. Customize to suit your needs and help you hit your business goals. 5 state-of-the art manufacturing facilities strategically located across North America and Thailand. For over 27 years, we’ve been providing premium products, both branded and private label, to world-class retailers across the globe.

How to contact normerica’s private label sales team?

Connect with us! Interested in developing a best-in-class private label program? Submit your name and email address in the form below and our Sales team will get back to you shortly. Preferred Method Of Contact… By Phone By Email

What makes normerica a bad place to work?

Terrible place to work no raises or recognition for anything your constantly under fear of losing your job for not working 10 hours everyday going to appointments or making very minor mistakes bad behavior towards employees seem to be rewarded as it keeps others in line. Was this review helpful? Hard work is rewarded!!