What does chaw mean?

What does chaw mean?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Chewing Tobacco
Type: Slang Word (Jargon)
Guessability: 3: Guessable
Typical Users: Adults

What is chaw called in English?

A chew, especially of tobacco. (countable) A plug or wad of chewing tobacco. My uncle’s way to convince us not to use tobacco was to give us each a big chaw, and then get us to swallow it.

Is Chaw a valid Scrabble word?

Yes, chaw is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is a snapper in British slang?

snapper in British English 4. a person or thing that snaps. 5. informal. a person who takes snapshots; photographer.

Does Chow mean fore?

While ciao, pronounced “chow,” is a casual Italian salutation that can mean both “hello” and “goodbye,” most English speakers understand it as well.

What does chaw mean in Old English?

a chew
: a chew especially of tobacco. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About chaw.

What is snapper slang for?

(slang) One who takes snaps; a photographer. (US, informal) The snapping turtle.

Why is it called a snapper?

They have a long triangular face with the upper part sloping more strongly than the lower. Their jaws are equal, with the lower one sometimes slightly projecting. They have enlarged canine teeth, which is why they are called “snappers.”

Why is ciao pronounced chow?

The word ciao (pronounced CHOW) is, today, thought of as very much Italian, but its origins are in the Venetian dialect. In the Venetian dialect, the phrase s-ciào vostro means “I am your slave” – and over time, the phrase was abbreviated to simply s-ciào, while retaining the same meaning.

Is Red Seal the same as Copenhagen?

Copenhagen and Skoal are the company’s leading brands, and each represents more than $1 billion per year in retail sales. It also sells similar products, for a lower price, under the brand names Red Seal and Husky….U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company.

Industry Tobacco
Founder UST Inc.
Products Smokeless tobacco

What’s the best definition of the word Chaw?

Top definition. Chaw. 1) chewing tobacco of the leaf variety. it is actually chewed. kept in side of mouth. 2) chaw varieties include: redman, levi garrett, beech nut, etc. 3) chaw is sometimes added to big league chew to make a delicious combination.

What is the meaning of the word’chew’?

1. chew the fat or rag, Informal. to converse in a relaxed or aimless manner. 2. chew the scenery, to overact. chew′er, n.

What kind of tobacco is called a chaw?

Store tobacco is flat black plug, but these fellows mostly chaws the natural leaf twisted. There was as many as one loafer leaning up against every awning-post, and he most always had his hands in his britches-pockets, except when he fetched them out to lend a chaw of tobacco or scratch.

What do you mean by ” Chew the cud “?

1. to crush or grind with the teeth; masticate. 2. to tear or mangle, as if by chewing (often fol. by up ): The sorting machine chewed up the letters. 3. to make by or as if by chewing: The puppy chewed a hole in the rug. 4. to meditate on; consider at length (often fol. by over ): to chew a problem over.