What does an open box laptop mean?

What does an open box laptop mean?

An open-box item refers to one with an opened box that is often resealed or repackaged by the reseller. It’s worth noting that an open-box product is also just an opened box, meaning the contents inside (the original product) are brand new and unused.

What does an open box symbolize?

When you see an item marked as “open-box,” it means just that: the package has been opened. It’s likely been returned for some reason, but not necessarily because it’s damaged.

What does open box mean from Best Buy?

Open-box. Customers return opened products for a variety of reasons — a gift was the wrong color or model, or the TV or appliance was too big to fit. Some open-box products served as in-store displays. Learn more about product conditions in the next section. Warranty: Covered under warranty, exceptions may apply.

What does open box condition mean on ebay?

See the seller’s listing for full details. Open box: The item is in excellent, new condition with no wear. The item may be missing the original packaging or protective wrapping, or it may be in the original packaging but not sealed. The item includes original accessories. The item may be a factory second.

What happens if you buy a laptop with an open box?

Don’t forget that you still qualify to finance it, return it, and all the rights that you usually get when buying a new box. Hence, if the open box laptop was not up to your expectation, take it back and buy another one. Sometimes, the open box can be scratched or so.

What kind of computers are in open box?

Open Box Computers & Electronics: Laptops, Desktops, Tablets Exclusive offers on TVs. Explore our range of high-quality Vacuums. Discover our new MacBooks.

What does open box mean at Best Buy?

Usually, open box means that the customer has bought it, opened it, and then they didn’t like it, so they returned it. Geek Squad will then check it, restore it, and box it up again. Just because of that, you can get 10%-30% discount, sometimes more, according to manager’s discretion.

Can you buy a laptop in the open at Best Buy?

Again you are relying on a Best Buy employee having spotted this issue. In the end I would not touch a Best Buy “open box” laptop with a 10 foot pole. It is quite often to look and see the actual laptop is on sale, and the “open box” is actually more expensive than the sale price.