What does Alpha SMA stain?

What does Alpha SMA stain?

Isolated high-tension fibroblasts were stained for α-SMA, phalloidin (to identify F-actin filaments) and DAPI. B. α-SMA overexpression markedly increased α-SMA expression and incorporation in cytoskeletal stress fibers.

Where is alpha smooth muscle actin found?

Alpha-smooth muscle actin, a differentiation marker of smooth muscle cells, is present in microfilamentous bundles of pericytes. J Histochem Cytochem.

What is the molecular weight of beta actin?

approximately 42 kD
Beta-Actin Molecular Weight The molecular weight (MW) of beta-actin is approximately 42 kD.

What does desmin positive mean?

This test helps your pathologist decide if the tumour is made up of muscle cells or if the cells are starting to behave like muscle cells. If the cells in your sample produce desmin, your pathology report will describe the cells as positive or reactive.

What are smooth muscle antibodies?

Smooth muscle antibodies (SMA) are autoantibodies, proteins produced by the body’s immune system that recognize and attack its own actin, a protein found in smooth muscle and other tissues, especially the liver. This test detects and measures the amount ( titer) of SMA (or antibody against actin) in the blood.

What to know about the anti-smooth muscle antibody test?

Procedure for an anti-smooth muscle antibody test. It requires no prior preparation.

  • Risks associated with an anti-smooth muscle antibody test. The risks involved are very minimal.
  • Interpreting the results of an anti-smooth muscle antibody test.
  • What is smooth muscle AB titer?

    A smooth muscle antibody titer of 1:80 is suggestive of a liver disease called autoimmune hepatitis. This is a disease where the immune system works abnormally and starts attacking your own body cells instead of normal things like bacteria and viruses.

    What is the abbreviation for smooth muscle actin?

    How is Smooth Muscle Actin abbreviated? SMA stands for Smooth Muscle Actin. SMA is defined as Smooth Muscle Actin very frequently.