What do you mean by absentee?

What do you mean by absentee?

: one that is absent: such as. a : a proprietor that lives away from his or her estate or business. b : one missing from work or school.

Is there a difference between absent and absentee?

is that absentee is a person who is absent from his or her employment, school, post, duty, etc while absence is a state of being away or withdrawn from a place or from companionship; the period of being away .

How do you use absentees?

Absentees sentence example

  1. The lands of the earl of Shrewsbury and other absentees , who had performed no duties, were resumed; and both Celtic and feudal nobles were encouraged to come to court.
  2. It failed chiefly from the grants to individuals who neglected to plant English farmers, and were often absentees themselves.

What is another word for absentee?

What is another word for absentee?

nonattender truant
stayaway absconder
defaulter runaway
dodger shirker
debtor cheat

How do I find absentee owners?

Another way to find absentee homeowners is via property tax records. Go to your local tax assessor’s office and request to look at tax records. Then, go on and match the tax records with the addresses of the properties. You want to identify the properties with tax records that do not match their physical location.

What is the opposite of absentee?

Noun. Opposite of one who shirks a duty or responsibility. worker. hard worker.

How do you say someone is absent?


  1. AWOL.
  2. absenteeism.
  3. cut.
  4. hooky.
  5. nonattendance.
  6. truancy.
  7. vacancy.
  8. French leave.

Is there a plural for absentee?

The plural form of absentee is absentees.

What’s the best absentee owner business to buy?

12 Great Absentee-Run Businesses

  1. Laundromat. Laundromats can be a terrific absentee-owned business.
  2. In-Bay Automatic Car Wash. Here’s another solid choice.
  3. Vending Machine Route.
  4. ATM Machine Route.
  5. FedEx Route Business.
  6. Bread Route Business.
  7. Billboard Business.
  8. Bounce House Business.

How to use absentee ballots in a sentence?

Most absentee ballots are cast the day of the elections in alternate polling stations. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license. One of the lastand largestsources of uncertainty had been the absentee ballots which had been improperly rejected by election officials during the original count.

Which is the best definition of absentee in English?

English Language Learners Definition of absentee : a person who is not present in a usual or expected place : a person who is absent See the full definition for absentee in the English Language Learners Dictionary

When do absentee ballots have to be scanned in Georgia?

— Scott Wartman, The Enquirer, 3 June 2021 In Georgia, a state judge recently ordered Fulton County, the state’s most populous, to allow a voting group to inspect and scan absentee ballots cast there in the 2020 election. — Alexa Corse, WSJ, 3 June 2021

Is there such a thing as an absent tooth?

Never known for being camera shy in the past, he was conspicuously absentfrom the world’s television screens. Several teeth may be absentin disorders such as Down’s syndrome and ectodermal dysplasia. It may be absenton one side, in which case the extraocular muscle usually innervated by the abducens is supplied by the oculomotor nerve.