What do you do during volleyball tryouts?

What do you do during volleyball tryouts?

During volleyball tryouts the head coach is likely to try to figure out if an athlete is coachable or not. And of course, you should aim to show the coach that you are capable of being coached. A volleyball player should listen to his/her coach carefully and follow his/her instructions on the court.

What can I do before volleyball tryouts?

How to Prepare for Volleyball Tryouts Before the Season Be in shape: You should be in top condition when you arrive at tryouts. Have a nutritious diet: A healthy and balanced diet can help increase your metabolism and keep you energized. Join a club or rec team: Playing volleyball outside of the season is incredibly beneficial. Prepare the night before: Be well rested on the night before tryouts.

What do I need to learn for volleyball tryouts?

What Skills Do I Need? Passing: Make sure you can pass to your target. Make sure you are down low in ready position while waiting for your pass. Serving: Be able to serve the ball in most of the time. If you have a fancier serve that you want to show the coach, great. Hitting: Practice your footwork and your arm swing. Hustle: Don’t let anyone on the court out-hustle you.

What should I bring to volleyball tryouts?

Water bottle with your name on it (tape with your name is perfect);

  • Personal Hand Sanitizer;
  • Knee Pads;
  • Comfortable Clothes;
  • Mask; and
  • A great attitude!!
  • What should you wear to a volleyball tryout?

    What to Wear for Volleyball Tryouts Form-fitting shirt: Loose or baggy shirts can hinder your movements, so avoid wearing them. Spandex shorts: The rules for shirts apply to shorts as well. Shoes: Volleyball shoes would be the best pair to have. Socks: What type of socks you wear is up to your personal preference. Knee Pads: These are strongly recommended to protect your knees on dives.