What are the top 100 Songs of 2013?

What are the top 100 Songs of 2013?

List of songs on Billboard’s 2013 Year-End Hot 100 chart No. Title Artist (s) 97 ” Let Her Go ” Passenger 98 ” Runnin’ Outta Moonlight ” Randy Houser 99 ” I’m Different ” 2 Chainz 100 ” Still Into You ” Paramore

How many songs were on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2013?

This is a list of singles that charted in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, an all-genre singles chart, in 2013. During the year, 62 songs and 59 acts charted in the tier, and 34 of these acts scored their first top-ten single in the US either as a lead or featured artist.

What was the second best selling song of 2013?

The second best-selling single of 2013 was ” Blurred Lines ” by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell, having sold 6,380,000 copies in the country. Meanwhile, ” Radioactive ” by Imagine Dragons and ” Harlem Shake ” by Baauer was listed on the list at number three and four, respectively.

Which is the best K-pop song in the world?

Following last year’s inaugural ranking of Billboard’s 20 Best K-Pop Songs of the year, the Billboard and Billboard Korea staff once again scoured the K-Pop Hot 100 and beyond to find the best songs to represent popular music hailing from South Korea.

Which is the most popular song in Japan?

Taiyaki-kun” (およげ!たいやきくん) Oyoge! Tayaki-kun is the bestselling Japanese song to-date. It was made by Masato Shimon, and the label he was on originally claimed it was a children’s song since it was used on the children’s television show, Hirake Ponkikki.

When did the music charts start in Japan?

However their reports and charts are only available to industry insiders and are not available to the general public. In 1968 Original Confidence was established and began providing music charts to the general public with data collected from various retailers throughout Japan.

Who is the leading music company in Japan?

In 1962, Tokushin music reports was founded and became the leading provider of music sales in Japan. However their reports and charts are only available to industry insiders and are not available to the general public.

Which is the best rock song for Love?

Well, Freddie has a song for you. The perfect soft rock song, You & Me gives us a glimpse into true love, where anything is possible (and 2020 is a distant memory). Upbeat and uplifting, Lady is still a classic nearly 50 years after its release. The best kind of love sticks around forever, and this early 90s song is here to remind you just that.

What kind of music is a love song?

Rock love songs added fresh feel to balladry. The high pitched vocals in soft rock became a signature style. Acoustic intros became a trademark style in rock ballads. Melodic guitar solos accompanied by bass, drums and keyboard set to the backdrop of shrill high pitched voices formed the essence of many rock love songs.

What was the number one hit on Billboard in 2013?

List of Billboard Hot 100 top-ten singles in 2013. List of. Billboard. Hot 100 top-ten singles in 2013. Drake scored the most top ten hits in 2013 with four, including ” Fuckin’ Problems “, ” Started from the Bottom “, ” Love Me ” and ” Hold On, We’re Going Home “. Lorde ‘s ” Royals ” was the longest running top 10 single in 2013,