What are the security issues in distributed system?

What are the security issues in distributed system?

The general security attacks on the distributed systems are eavesdropping (gaining secret information), masquerading (making assumptions on the identity of users), and message tempering (changing the content of the message), replaying the message and denial of services.

How do you provide security in distributed systems?

� Computer and network security address three requirements: Confidentiality: Requires that the data only be accessible for reading by authorized parties. Integrity: Requires that only authorized parties can modify data. Availability: Requires that data are available to authorized parties.

What are the examples of distributed system?

Examples of distributed systems vary from SOA-based systems to massively multiplayer online games to peer-to-peer applications….Examples

  • telephone networks and cellular networks,
  • computer networks such as the Internet,
  • wireless sensor networks,
  • routing algorithms;

What are the characteristics of distributed system?

Key characteristics of distributed systems

  • Resource sharing.
  • Openess.
  • Concurrency.
  • Scalability.
  • Fault tolerance.
  • Transparency.

What are the security issues in distributed computing?

A distributed computing environment requires continuous runtime monitoring to ensure the functioning and security of the system [26]. Authentication, access rights, global credentials and authorization are main security issues in a distributed environment [27] [28] [29].

Why is development of secured and trusted distributed systems critical research issues?

Abstract— Development of secured and trusted distributed systems is a critical research issues. This paper is a contribution towards the summerization of work carried out in this field as well as identifies new research lines.

What are the three factors used to develop distributed systems?

The three factors used to develop this approach are, password, smart card and biometrics. In [5], various aspects of the security in distributed systems has been given including, user authentication using passwords and digital certificates and confidentiality in data transmission.

How to answer interview questions about distributed computing?

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