What are the market functionaries?

What are the market functionaries?

market functionary means a dealer, a broker, a commission agent, buyer, porter, processor, a stockist, a trader and such other person as may be declared under rules or by-laws to be market functionary.

What do you mean by marketing function and marketing functionaries?

3.2.1 Market Functionaries The term refers to agents/agencies involved in effective discharging of all activities and services called marketing functions (Fig. 3.1) in the interest of the producer/ manufacturer, the end user or consumer.

Which Arhatia primarily act for seller?

Kaccha arhatias primarily act for the sellers, including farmers. They sometimes provide advance money to farmers and intinerant traders on the condition that the produce will be disposed of through them. A pacca arhatia acts on behalf of the traders in the consuming market.

What are the problems of agricultural marketing?

In agricultural marketing transportation cost, inadequate market infrastructure, lack of market information, lack of processing units, storage facility, price fluctuation are the major problems.

Who are the functionaries in agricultural marketing?

Marketing is the business done by people to provide the targeted products to the targeted customers. The functionaries in agricultural marketing include primary market, secondary market and terminal market. The primary market includes the producers, harvest contractors and transport agencies.

Who are the functionaries of the primary market?

The primary market includes the producers, harvest contractors and transport agencies. The secondary market functionaries include financial agencies and processing agencies. The terminal market functionaries include commercial agencies and shipping agencies. The paper has also highlighted on the functions of agricultural marketing.

What is the mandate of Agricultural Marketing Authority?

The mandate of the revitalised Agricultural Marketing Authority is to effectively regulate production and marketing of all agricultural products in Zimbabwe. Given the pivotal role of agriculture to the attainment of Vision 2030, AMA has transformed to become an innovative and effective partner for development of the agricultural sector.

What is the relationship between farming and marketing?

The close inter-relationship between agricultural production (farming), agricultural finance (credit), and agricultural marketing (sale of farm products) has been recognised by the Government as well as by the experts on agricultural problems.