What are the documents required for Singapore PR application?

What are the documents required for Singapore PR application?

PR Document #1: Digital Passport-Sized Photograph

  • Size. A photograph is considered passport-sized if it is 35mm wide by 45mm high without a border around its content.
  • Photograph Finish.
  • Quality of Camera.
  • Background.
  • Subject.
  • Employment Pass.
  • S Pass.
  • Entrepreneur Pass.

How can I apply for PR in Singapore successfully?

All permanent residence applications must be submitted online using the e-Service. You may submit a PR application online with a valid Singpass account if you are a/an: SC or PR applying PR for your spouse or for your child who is unmarried and aged under 21. SC applying PR for your aged parent.

Is cover letter necessary for Singapore PR application?

While it is not mandatory to add a cover letter in a Singapore PR application, it might help in increasing the chances of qualifying for the coveted PR vacancy slots. Inserting a cover letter serves as an opportunity to share the reason for applying for a Singapore PR status.

What is Form 4A for PR application?

Form 4A is the application for permanent residence in Singapore. It must be filed by skilled workers, professionals and technical staff. Generally, the immigrants complete this form to be allowed to work in Singapore.

Which is the best way to apply for Singapore PR?

Applying for Singapore PR has been known to cause headaches, stress, and anxiety. So, here are 24 of our best Singapore PR application tips to lower your stress levels, and help make your application approval-worthy. These tips are great for first-time applicants who are unfamiliar with the process.

Why do you need a Singapore PR cover letter?

Without any sense of who you are as an individual and how you can contribute to Singapore’s progress as a PR, how then will the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) decide whether to approve your application? This is why preparing a cover letter to submit with your forms and documents is essential.

How to apply for a Singapore Permanent Resident ( PR ) permit?

Form EP 152, which needs to be completed and signed by the employer. The purpose of the EP 152 is to confirm that one is still working in the same company as declared in the application form. This form is only provided to the company or your company. Money for the identity card registration, re-entry permit and entry permit.

Why do you need a recommendation letter in Singapore?

You might be wondering why it is essential to have recommendation letters in your Singapore PR / Citizenship applications.