What are slums called in Kolkata?

What are slums called in Kolkata?

Registered slums (bustees): these slums are recognized by the Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) on the basis of land title; since 1980, they have been taken over by the CMC for letting/lease to slum dwellers.

Where are slums located in Kolkata?

The slums of Kolkata can be divided into groups, the older slums located in the heart of the city, some as old as 150 years, and the more recent slums mostly located in the outskirts of the city. Most of the slums are located in residential areas within the city.

How many city dwellers live in slums?

In our world, one in eight people live in slums. In total, around a billion people live in slum conditions today.

How many slums are there in West Bengal?

West Bengal Slums Census 2011

City/Town Total ST
Kolkata (M Corp.) 1,409,721 3,981
Maheshtala (M) 210,936 828
Asansol (M Corp.) 198,116 9,365
Kulti (M) 176,879 8,852

What are the two types of slums in Kolkata?

A survey has been made of the two major types of slums in Kolkata- registered slums and unregistered. With the increase in the population in Kolkata over the years the number of slum dwelling population has also increased by leaps and bound.

Where are the slums of West Bengal located?

The featured city in this report is Kolkata, the capital of the state of West Bengal, India. The slums of Kolkata are very important part of this very unique and, historically speaking rather new city of India.

Which is the face of poverty in Kolkata?

The population living in poverty in urban Kolkata is very much concentrated in the slums, being deprived of the basic amenities of life in over-crowded inhumane condition. Slums are the face of urban poverty. Histor y of slums in Kolkata goes back about 150 years

Why are slums a part of urban reality in India?

In India, slums are part of urban reality. It is officially acknowledged that slums are the manifestations of urban poverty. This statement is debatable as there may be other pockets of poverty in an urban area which are less visible.