What are co Ord clothes?

What are co Ord clothes?

For the uninitiated, a co-ord (an abbreviation of co-ordinates) is the nickname given to a matching two-piece outfit, with both parts usually made from the same fabric, colour, or pattern, or all three.

What is a coord outfit?

Meaning of coord in English short form of coordinate : one of two or more pieces of clothing that are made in matching colours or styles so that they can be worn together: We have smartly printed top and skirt co-ords. There is no easier way to get dressed than with co-ords.

How do you style Coord?

Coordinates are worn in the same print or matching colours and styled in such a way that the different pieces can be worn together. For casual wear, you have co-ords available in shorts, dress shorts etc. For formal wear there are co-ords with pants or a formal skirt.

How Do You Wear Co ord?

If you’re wondering how to style co-ord outfits for casual wear, then a shorts and top set is just what you need. For a day at the beach, then boldly striped shorts together with a camisole top featuring a buttoned front and bow detail gives just enough of a nautical flair.

What to wear with a co Ord Set?

Whether you’re after some floaty summer co-ords for warmer days or a classy co-ord set for cocktails with the gals, we’ve got stylish two-piece sets to suit every occasion.

Which is the Best Co ord set to buy?

Missguided is the go-to for sporty co-ord sets that double up as stylish loungewear. Oops! Sorry, this page is unavailable right now.

Who is the owner of cloth and cord?

Ellana Turner is a professional African American designer and owner of Cloth & Cord. Her […] Check out some of the behind the scenes of our 2020 Safari Collection: Models: Cherry […]

Can you wear a blazer with a CO ORD?

Snatch an oversized blazer and matching cigarette trousers. We will have you done and dusted in one click. Co ords are in! Everyone, and I mean literally everyone is wearing them, see our Babezine for all the latest clebs in coords and gets some tips on how to style them here >>> Co-ords .