Is Zatoichi actually blind?

Is Zatoichi actually blind?

Zatoichi is: not really blind; only half blind; a bum; really a samurai; cold and emotionless; a psychotic killer; a yakuza; an unbeatable swordsman; a guy who knows only fencing. No doubt he’s blind. He often talks of it, people ask him about it, and he runs into things and falls down when no one is there to help him.

Who played Zatoichi?

Shintaro KatsuZatôichi monogatari
Zatoichi/Voiced by
Sintaro Katsu was an outrageously individualistic actor who became a living legend playing a blind master swordsman, Zatoichi.

Who is the blind swordsman in Zatoichi?

The colossally popular Zatoichi films make up the longest-running action series in Japanese history and created one of the screen’s great heroes: an itinerant blind masseur who also happens to be a lightning-fast swordsman.

How many Zatoichi movies are there in the world?

Zatoichi: the 25 original films + 5 modern takes. 1 1. The Tale of Zatoichi (1962) Not Rated | 95 min | Action, Adventure, Drama. 2 2. Zoku Zatôichi monogatari (1962) 3 3. New Tale of Zatoichi (1963) 4 4. Zatoichi the Fugitive (1963) 5 5. Zatoichi on the Road (1963)

Which is correct tale of Zatoichi or please try again?

1. The Tale of Zatoichi (1962) Error: please try again. The adventures of a blind, gambling masseur who also happens to be a master swordsman. 2. Zoku Zatôichi monogatari (1962) Error: please try again. The blind masseur and swordsman, Zatoichi, learns of a powerful political figure’s secret and is quickly tailed by a group of killers.

What kind of weapon was the Zatoichi sword?

Made famous through films like the Blind Swordsman, by Akira Kurosawa, Zatoichi was a legendary blind samurai who used a unique weapon. Disguised as a shikomizue, his walking stick actually concealed a traditionally forged Japanese sword which he would use in combat.