Is there a lake near Charlotte North Carolina?

Is there a lake near Charlotte North Carolina?

Located 20 miles north of Charlotte, Lake Norman is the perfect place for a quick trip or small getaway anytime of the year. Stroll down the historic main streets lined with a fun mix of boutique shops, galleries and restaurants or experience the beautiful scenery by boating and fishing or hiking and biking.

What is the biggest lake in Charlotte North Carolina?

Lake Norman
Lake Norman is the largest body of water in the Catawba River watershed and the largest lake in North Carolina. Lake Norman’s shoreline has a length of 520 miles (840 km) and an area of more than 50 square miles (130 km2).

What is the nicest lake in North Carolina?

The Best Lakes in North Carolina

  • Jordan Lake, North Carolina.
  • Kerr Lake, North Carolina.
  • Falls Lake State Recreation Area, 13304 Creedmoor Rd, Wake Forest, NC 27587 +1 919 676 1027.
  • Lake Norman, North Carolina.
  • High Rock Lake, North Carolina.
  • Lake Glenville, North Carolina 28723.
  • Lake Santeetlah, North Carolina 28771.

What is the large lake north west of Charlotte?

Mountain Island Lake is a lake northwest of Charlotte, North Carolina created in 1924 to coincide with the building of Mountain Island Hydroelectric Station.

What are the major lakes in North Carolina?

North Carolina is drained by many rivers. Major ones include the Cape Fear, Neuse , Roanoke and Yadkin . In addition, the state contains many somewhat small manmade lakes and reservoirs. The largest of these is Lake Norman, at 32,510 acres.

How many lakes are in NC?

There are 59 lakes in North Carolina. List of lakes in North Carolina. Alligator Lake. Badin Lake . Bay Tree Lake. Blewell Falls Lake. Beaverdam Lake. Big Lake.

Is Lake Norman in Charlotte NC?

Located just under 20 miles north of Charlotte, Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake in North Carolina with 520 miles of shoreline. Meet 25 species of raptors as you walk the 3.4 mile Raptor Trail at the Carolina Raptor Center.

What are lakes in western NC?

Lake Santeetlah in the far western part of North Carolina is surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest on 80% of its 76-mile shoreline. Located near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, find plenty of fishing and water activities – including a lakeside campground and beach. Read more.