Is the Sticky Buddy good?

Is the Sticky Buddy good?

Sticky buddy works perfect. Just roll in any direction back and forth and it takes it all off. I love it so much that I’ve bought a few of the for friends and family. They are so inexpensive that I bought one for my bedroom closet, one I keep in the kitchen drawer and the long handled one for the pantry.

What is Sticky Buddy made of?

The Sticky Buddy infomercial claims that Sticky Buddy can easily remove different dirt and small objects in seconds. It is made up of rubber and all the objects like hair or crumbs just stick to it. The small fingers are used to get tiny particles that are buried deep in your carpet or in your couch.

How do you clean a sticky buddy?

How do I use My Sticky Buddy? Its easy! Just use the magic fingers to sweep up any dry, messy surface, then roll away the rest! To clean the roller, just run it under steaming hot water, and roll it over a lint-free towel to dry it.

How does a sticky roller work?

Adhesive lint rollers work by rolling the sticky surface of the tape along fabric. As the adhesive rolls along the surface of clothing or bedding, it picks up dust, hair, crumbs and any other type of lint.

Is the sticky Buddy really a good product?

The Sticky Buddy draws a lot of skepticism from people that first hear its claims, but you really can reuse it. What sets it apart is its rubber fingers, which do a great job of brushing off the debris so that it can stick to the roller. Without the fingers doing their job, it might not be as effective as it is.

How does the sticky Buddy lint roller work?

This is supposed to help you out and be a lifestyle upgrade by taking away your dependence on ordinary lint rollers. Instead of having to remove the old sticky part of the lint roller every time it gets full of debris, you just wash off the Sticky Buddy, let it dry a bit and you’re ready to go again.

Can you use sticky Buddy for dry spills?

Also, for dry spills in the kitchen like sugar, flour, or cereal you can just use your Sticky Buddy instead of breaking out the broom and dustpan. Reviews for the Sticky Buddy have been favorable, with most people saying that they’ve really enjoyed incorporating into their daily routine, and having it handy for the unexpected spill.

Why do you need sticky Buddy in the morning?

By being ultra sticky, you’re able to pick up more stuff in less time and make quicker work of de-linting your suit or outfit in the morning, and you’ll have an easier time picking up bigger spills. The mini that they include as part of the package also makes it nice to have with you as you go about your day and want to stay looking fresh.